Plot: Understanding Your Client's Story

In many of today's stories there is an A Plot and and a B Plot. The plot is a compelling question that keep the story moving. The A Plot is the overall question of the story. The B plot is the question that deals with the internal, emotional struggle of a character.

In Lord of the Rings, the A Plot is will Frodo make it Mordor to throw the ring into Mount Doom? The B Plot is will the ring take hold of Frodo and destroy him?

Clients also have an A and B plot to their story. The A plot is the basics. "I need good insurance." "I need a new car."

But the B plot is where the insights and connections to your clients lie. "I'm afraid of being a burden to my kids when I get older and not having enough money to provide for them. Can you help me?"

Get to know your client's B plot.